Getting Started with VS Code

The easiest way to try out Flow yourself is to clone this repository and use VSCode Remote Containers. This guide will walk you through getting started.

  1. Make sure you have VS Code Installed.

  2. Follow the steps to setup VSCode Remote Containers

  3. Clone the flow docs repo (git clone flow-docs)

  4. Open the newly created flow-docs directory in VS Code. Select Remote-Containers: Open Folder In Container... from the command pallette and select the flow-docs directory. Alternatively, you can just open the flow-docs directory normally, and then click on “Reopen in Container” when the notification pops up.

  5. You’re ready to use Flow! Try opening a terminal within VS Code and running the tests for the example catalog:

    # Build this documentation repository's Flow catalog.
    $ flowctl build
    # Run all catalog tests.
    $ flowctl test